Keep on Rocking

Having just been to see my all time favourite band (Status Quo), it got me thinking about longevity.

How is it that a group of aging rockers can still draw an audience… and not just of sad old gits like me. There were young and old, with everyone clapping and singing along.

What makes a company, product or service maintain it’s popularity?

I suppose it is obvious that it must be popular to begin with – something that people want to buy or buy in to.

So how to keep popular – like Coke, Hovis, Marks & Spencer, Mercedes, Sony, HP, Oxfam – to mention a few – and of course, Status Quo (First song – Pictures of Matchstick Men released 1967.. and still going).

For me, the learning is – Keep on building the brand, keep taking sensible risks and keep growing with new ideas, products, services… and especially keep marketing.

Like Status Quo; a few new songs to show what’s new, plus many of the great favourites to lock in the brand. Maintain the marketing drive by touring and performing to make sure the message still gets to the public.

In the cold light of day (once the emotion of the event has subsided) the delivery of the music is like marketing releases – If people still like the message, they will keep buying.

What are you doing to keep your business popular and develop a long running company?

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