How secure is your business?

You may have noticed the Wikileaks saga in the world news at the moment.  Some people have decided to use their considerable IT skills to hack into the e-commerce systems of some major companies that, they feel, have decided not to have anything to do with the Wikileaks organisation.  The hackers have attacked financial organisations and, notably, Amazon – with some success.

You may say that it coulld never happen to your business.  To take this view would be to put your head in the sand.

If you use a PC linked to the internet, email or a full e-commerce system, your business is at risk from the hackers.

What have you done to protect your business, your livelyhood?  How much would it cost if you lost your links to your cusotmers or if someone took over your email and portrayed you in an unfavourable light?

Look at putting robust system protection in place and have a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan.  The best people to speak to are your IT Support team.

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