More numbers for more marketing

How many strategies are you employing to win more, and better, business?

If you only use one approach, does it deliver more work that you can cope with… or do you have the capacity to do more?

When you actively plan and operate a number of approaches, you increase your opportunities significantly.

Marketing is maths – your results are directly proportionate to the number of strategies you use.

One client has put out many thousand flyers – simple, clear and specific.  These have delivered continuous work.  Do you think he should continue using this approach? Just in case you are not sure….. YES!  A proven approach that brings good results is worth doing again and again.

Now that he wants to increase the size of his business.. it is time to introduce some more strategies.  What would you suggest for a tradesman?

Advertising still works well – if you follow the AIDA principle. Grab prospects’ Attention with snappy images and titles;  produce copy that develops Interest…. Create Desire with the offer…. and tell the reader what Action to take to take advantage of what you are offering.

One mattress company built a £300 million business on the back of using all the key ingredients of AIDA on their hardcopy advertising.  To step the business up a level they then introduced TV adverts which gave another increase in terms of £ millions.  Yet, the company marketing team have also stuck with the basics that work and extended their advertising downwards to small resellers.  By backing the resellers with the power of a huge marketing budget – everyone benefits and sales are still buoyant.

So, what are you doing to increase your marketing to win more sales opportunities?

I am always here to help – drop me a line and we can discuss some ideas.

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