What does your welcome say about your business?

What does your welcome say about your business?

Hello and welcome to my home, it’s great that you came to visit us. What can I get you to drink? A tea, a coffee? How about a sandwich or piece of cake? This is the sign of a good host – making a guest feel warmly welcomed into their  home.

It is generally accepted that most people make their initial assessment of you and your business within the first few seconds.

What is the first thing people see when they meet your business for the first time.

How do you welcome people to your business?

A  nice example is my accountant, who displays my name on the reserved car park space when I go for a meeting.  Another nice welcome is fromTek Tanks, a water tank manufacturer who has their visitors names on a welcome screen as you walk in to thief offices.  Both these go a long way to make you feel wanted and expected.

If you have a communal reception area, how do you make sure that the expected visitor is received.  I have had many experiences of pressing a buzzer on the outside or a premises, only to wait for ages for someone to answer it.

Also, who greets visitors, are they offered a warm drink? Would you leave a visitor in reception until you have time to see them? Or would you make arrangements for them to be received by someone who looks after them?

A good example of a welcome system and approach can be found in ‘The Happiness Centred Business’ by Paddy Lund.

When it comes down to it, people like to feel welcomed into your domain.  How you greet your visitors will impact how well your business is perceived overall.  It is both the physical environment and the personal welcomes that makes the impression.

What can you do to make the way your company greets clients, prospects and general visitors a great experience?

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