Business continuity – do you do the BCP?

What would happen if you lost your IT?  Maybe leave your laptop on the train, drop your phone on the ground and see it smash into pieces?  What if your office become unusable? Could it be flooded or broken in to?  What if your filing system went up in smoke? What if all your stock was stolen or ruined by something not of your doing?

I would hazard a guess that many businesses would cease to trade!

You may say – that will never happen. Not to us!  Well, I nearly lost my business to illness, so it isn’t always your business systems or stock or premises that could be hit.

What Business Continuity Plans have you got in place?  How do you protect your business?

As a starting point I would suggest you carry out an assessment of the risks and consequences for all aspects of your  business and put some measures and strategies in place to protect yourself.

…and it doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot either.  Maybe you can share with a complimentary business – form a strategic alliance that covers you both.

I have even seen two competitors link up and put some basic strategies in place so that they could both continue to function until the insurance and recovery steps were in place in the event that one of the businesses could not use their premises.

Maybe now is a good time to think outside the box and protect what you have worked so hard to create.  If you already have a BCP, when did you last review it and check it will still work if y need it?

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