What does it feel like to win?

That is a question many watching the Olympics will be asking and only a relatively small number can really answer.

The emotions are often uncontrollable. The usually calm and collected winners, are often in tears or even appear in a bad mood, The core emotion is typically relief.   Relief that all the preparation, hard work, lonely training, frustrations, setbacks, self doubt, fear of failure have culminated in VICTORY!

To know what it feels like you first have to take part in something worthwhile.  I am fortunate to have competed in sailing and had some great wins.  For me, my first championship win was surreal.  As I crossed the finishing line and heard the cannon signify my win, The theme tune to Chariots of Fire started to play in my head… I was not going mad, it was my way of dealing with the result.  As I arrived back ashore, I was grumpy, fortunately my understanding wife just handed me a drink and left me with my thoughts for 10 minutes. At the prize giving it was hard not to shed a few tears.  I had achieved a massive win for me.

To be a winner, you know you have to put in a lot of dedication and hard work.  Attention to detail and absolute focus, sometimes at the expense of other activities and things you would like to do.

Winners are people who train and learn every day… without fail.  Winners are people who know exactly what they are aiming for and how they will achieve their golden goal.

Some of the people who inspire me, do so more for what they have overcome:

  • Sir Steve Redgrave – for much of his career, has battled against severe illnesses
  • Peter Wilson – for sticking to his dream when funding support was withdrawn and finding alternative ways to earn money whilst still training hard.

The final part of the jigsaw is self-belief.  This can make the difference between winning and getting nowhere.

Winning isn’t always about being first.  Some Olympians will achieve a silver or bronze or a lower place… and that is their gold.  Some business owners will not be the richest or most well known.  To me, it’s more about achieving the best you can at a level you are able to live with.

So, do you know what it’s like to win… or would you like to find out?

If you choose a meaningful target and dedicate yourself to the task in hand, focus on little wins everyday until you realise your life goals; you WILL BE A WINNER.  It can be done!

All the Olympians and successful business owners have someone pushing them on; keeping them on track and focused.  Choose your mentor, coach, supporters carefully and you will reach your goals.

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