Keeping up the momentum

Do you ever feel tired?  It’s been a long day and all you feel like doing is sitting down with a nice cuppa.

To keep on top of all the activities in your busy business you need to keep up the pressure.  If you can finish the tasks you set out for the day and also some of those extra little tasks that can be distractions, you will feel better about your progress and be on top of the game.

I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t felt a little down at times, when it all seems a bit too much to cope with, but with a bit of determination and breaking down your tasks into manageable chunks, you can get it done.

My recommendation is to build some thinking time into your day.  I don’t mean dreaming or procrastination time, I do mean planning and preparation time.

10 minutes working out what you want to achieve and planning how, will pay dividends and help you get a task done.

Focus on completion.  An unfinished task becomes a burden that will slow you down.  As one of my clients always says when he has a big project… “Get one bit finished at a time and get it done well.”

Success in your business will be much easier if you keep up the momentum.  Always plan for tomorrow at the end of today (end on a positive note) and be ready to start the day on a high.

Why not have a motivating chat with Newbury based, Business Coach, Alex Petty and learn ways to keep the momentum going.

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