Are you in the Zone?

How productive are you?  Do you allow people and things to take you off course from what you want to do?

Sometimes the only difference between a good business owner and a great entrepreneur is the unshakable focus to keep on track with their goals and targets.

So what is that difference?

Typically, we get many calls upon our time during a busy business day.  Stephen Covey wrote a great book called First Things First.  One of the items in the book is about focusing on the right tasks at the right time.  This is what is known as being in the zone.  The activities you perform are not urgent, but important.  This is because they have all been planned and are working towards your end goals.  The more time you can direct at these tasks, the more important things will be done to support your longer term success.

The idea in the book is that your daily tasks can be broken down into Rocks, Gravel, Sand and Water.

Rocks are for important and non-urgent tasks that may take more than a day.  Keep doing a bit on them every day and the task gets done on time.

Gravel is for tasks that are important and urgent and need to be done today.

Sand is for things that are urgent but not important.  These tasks often need dealing with now, but may not be very helpful to your business.

Water is for non-urgent and not important tasks.  These are at best, enjoyable distractions, and at worst, real time wasters.

To find out how to focus on getting your Gravel sorted each day and keep the Rocks rolling, call me on 07766 080770 or email

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