Are you true to your values? Is your business?

Do you know your values? Do you share these with your team? Does your business operate a value system… And I don’t mean a discount card!

When you are true to your values, customers will believe in what you stand for.  When your company is true to its values, you have a great business!

To define the values your business operates to, include the whole team.  Maybe hold a brainstorming session to pull out the key values. As a business coach I have facilitated such sessions and it can be amazing how a business suddenly pulls together, and remember everyone needs to buy into the values for them to become the norm; the way things are just done.

What sort of values do you choose? They need to suit the type of business you are operating; they need to also match the team beliefs on values.

Values, such as integrity, honesty, loyalty will probably be core to your value system.  What others, that apply to you, can you think of?

How do you measure that you are keeping with your values when things get busy?  The results will speak for themselves… and in the meantime, elicit feedback from both your customers and your team members.

Remember that values do come with a cost, or maybe better to look at them as an investment.  It is a good idea to check the costs of your values and the payback they can bring.  Test and measure.

Have you noticed that some businesses lose that personal touch when they are busy?  Whereas some manage to still treat you like you are the most important person to them?

Keep focused on your values, practice them often and measure them.

If you want to find out more about getting your values embedded into your business, contact me on 07766 080770 or email

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