Where are your headlights shining? Seeing your targets

Whether you drive a car, ride a pushbike or read a book under the covers in bed, you need a beam of light to see your way or read the words.  Imagine trying to read the signs lining your way or learning the wisdom in your book with no light…. It’s not going to be very easy.

So, if your business is important, why would you be happy not choosing which direction to take? You can choose to turn on your headlights if you want to determine the direction of your business.

The headlights are called ‘Targets’.  If you set out something to aim for, you have a chance of hitting it.

It’s a bit like standing in the middle of a field with a bow and arrow with nothing around you. It’s a nice sunny day, no breeze to speak of and no way you could hit anything if you shot off an arrow in any direction.

Add one of those big straw discs with a black, red, yellow and blue target on, in range, and now you have something to go for. It doesn’t mean you will hit the bulls eye each time, but getting close is better than going off in the wrong direction.

The skill is to make your targets completely clear; and near enough to hit.  The better the definition, the easier it will be to set your aim.  With better clarity of your ultimate goal, the more opportunity you give yourself to successfully complete your task.

When you are working at the coalface every day, it is easy to forget the end game. So, set yourself some time to switch on your headlights and set a target that will move your business forward.

To find out how to bring your targets closer to you, call me on 07766 080770 or email alex@alexpetty.biz.

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