How do you manage how you are recommended?

Your marketing begins the first time a prospect finds out about you.  That could be from someone who recommends you or a marketing piece you have specifically put together to promote yourself.

If it is a recommendation, do you manage how you are sold?  Do you make sure your recommender knows exactly how to promote what you do and create the right impression?

I have seen both good and bad.  One recommendation led to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business and another led to a wasted trip.

The wasted trip was for a client of mine to visit someone who wanted to buy their services.  The mutual acquaintance said that the prospect was so keen that he would place an order that day if things were right.  Well, they were not right at all.  The services the prospect wanted were not at all what my client did as their business.

You could ask how that could happen.  It was all because my client had given the wrong impression of what they did and had not made sure that the acquaintance knew and understood what their business was all about.

It is your responsibility to make sure that anyone recommending you knows exactly what to say.  Give your contacts a few business cards if they feel moved to recommend you and if you have marketing materials, a few of those.  Then take some time with your recommender to fully educate them on what your business is about and what you are looking for.

It should be fairly obvious that the person who made the recommendation that turned into a huge deal, understood exactly what and who they were recommending.

What will you do to make sure you are recommended as you want to be?

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