Are you ready to make the change… And make it stick?

How many times have you said you were going to change something about yourself or something you do or plan to do and you never make it happen?

Sometimes we set off with the best of intentions… Tomorrow I will start to lose weight, tomorrow I will start that new marketing project, tomorrow I will manage my business better – And how often do we catch ourselves setting the same targets days, months or years later?

Without changing our deep held beliefs and habits, Change will not happen.

First we need to change our beliefs, then we need to change our habits.

There is a useful formula, originally developed in the late 60s, known as Gleicher’s formula, D x V x F >R.  (Dissatisfaction x Vision x First Steps greater than Resistance to change).  I more common speak… Get out of your comfort zone!

To make a change that sticks with us forever, we need to be dissatisfied enough, see the way we want things to be, be prepared to get started NOW, more than we resist accepting the change to the way things are right now.

The dissatisfaction needs to be very real to us personally.  I hear people say they will stop smoking; they see the damage it can do to their health clearly shown on the packet, maybe they have a relative that has become ill through smoking; yet they keep smoking.  Unless someone decides they are ready to change it will not happen.

There is also something a bit odd about us humans, it takes 3 times to form a bad habit and 21 times, doing things right, to form a good habit.

Do you choose to form a new ‘good’ habit?  Follow the formula, be clear on how you want things to be, take the first steps and overcome your resistance to becoming a better YOU.

If you want to talk to see how you could overcome a challenge or would like me to hold you accountable for making your change, call me on 07766 080770 or email

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