Do you put more into planning your holiday than you do for your business?

Think back to your last holiday.  Was it good?  I hope so, as taking a break from business is important and reinvigorates you to get back in the driving seat.

So, to make sure your holiday went well, how much effort and negotiation did you put in?

Typically I find that people will spend at least a few days working out where they want to go, then get the family to agree.  Then book somewhere that everyone can enjoy.

The booking process, with the internet, is much quicker these days… Then you go into the travel agents to make sure you get what you want and to see if you can get a better price.

When you have booked your holiday, then comes the lists of what clothes you want to take – plus all the books and gadgets to keep you amused.  Then weighing the whole lot and dumping half the stuff you first thought of.

  • The shopping trip for the sun cream is always fun, which to choose this year?
  • Then the trip to the Passport office when you find out your passport is out of date.
  • Do you plan how you will spend the days? Any sightseeing trips or activities?
  • All in all, how much planning time have you spent?

Typically a week long holiday can take as much a 2 weeks (14 days) to arrange….. And you have a wonderful holiday!

Let me ask you this question – what pays for your holiday?  Usually the money you earn from your business.

So, do you think it worth putting in as much effort to planning and preparing for your business success?

Top performers often make time between Christmas and New Year to plan for the year and at least a day every quarter to make a plan of goals and targets.

If you don’t plan for your success, guess what?  No one else will, and you will be lucky to reach your potential.

If you don’t like leaving things to luck – Plan for your success and make a plan.  Call me on 07766 080770 or email to book yourself on our 90 Day Success Planning events.

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