Motivating Music and your Chocolate Box of Inspiration

What is your favourite piece of music?  You know, the song or track that makes you turn up the volume and sing or hum along to?

How do you feel as you listen? Probably you feel amazing, uplifted, even inspired!

For myself, it’s Chariots of fire, the intro to the 1981 film of the same name, where the athletes are running along the beach.  I cannot help but be inspired as I think of how the characters worked hard and fought against the odds for their places and wins in the Olympics of 1924.

Listening to that track inspires me to make more of myself and grow my business to be able to provide a better life for my family.

So, what does listening to your favourite track do for you?  Do you take time to be inspired? …. And the key is then to do more of the great things you are doing now.

To aid the inspiration process, I will sometimes look into my chocolate box whilst listening to my favourite music.  What on earth is a chocolate box I here you say?  Well, mine is an old cardboard box that once held a well-known brand of luxury chocolates (long ago enjoyed) that now contains all my press cuttings and awards from my sailing and business successes.

We are all human, and sometimes we need reminding of the brilliant things we have done; of our abilities and experiences.  The feeling of empowerment that comes from this exercise will drive you forward to achieve even greater things.

It’s not about living in the past, it’s about using your past successes to drive your future.

Our emotions are what drive our motion…. So make a list of what you have achieved so far and turn up the volume!

…and if nothing else, you get to listen to your favourite music and eat some great chocolates.

If you would like some help choosing your chocolate box contents, and emptying the current contents, call me on 07766 080770 or email

About Alex Petty

Blogger, runner, mentor
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