My trust, you loses it (or gains it)

Trust is a funny thing, you can take a lifetime to earn it or 1 second to lose it.

Sometimes trust comes quickly and other times it will never be there.

When was the last time you trusted someone?  Or were trusted by someone – Did it go well or did it go badly?  How are you perceived?  Would those around you consider you trustworthy?

If we think about what engenders trust, it tends to be based more on a gut feel rather than hard data (although a criminal record or record of bad dealings would certainly have a negative impact on how trustworthy you may be viewed).

If you see someone who you feel fits the profile of a shady person, you will typically be hesitant to trust them.  On the other hand, someone with an authoritative and open manner will tend to gain your confidence quite quickly.

There are ways to help develop trust, such as always doing what you say you will, the bottom line is that you need to follow through on your words with trustworthy actions.  It doesn’t mean you always have to get things right – an honest mistake, quickly apologised for, can actually demonstrate that you can be trusted.

Say what you do and do what you say.  Your values are always on show; others will judge you by what you say, do and how you appear.

Think carefully about your words and actions.   What are you telling people about whether they can trust you?

What will you do to show you are trustworthy to the next person you meet?

To find out some ways to develop trust (it has to be real) call 07766 080770 or email

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