Are you ready to accept your success?

Of course I am! Is what I am usually told when I ask this question.  But are you?

Assuming you are running a successful business and taking a nice salary, what would it really be like if you doubled or trebled your income?

What would your business look like to be giving you twice the income you get now?  Would you have to work harder, longer hours?

Sometimes the results of expanding your business doesn’t deliver the rewards you expect.  You may have more money, but no time to spend it. It can put immense strain on relationships.

So, think carefully how you will manage yourself when you have more success.

You may want to put a MD in place, so you get your time back.

There is another side to being successful; do you respect yourself enough to enjoy the rewards? I have seen a number of business owners who didn’t feel they were worth the money they were making.

You may laugh with incredulity, but it affects more people than you may think.

I have seen a business owner virtually destroy their company to get it back to where they felt comfortable with the size of their operation again.  Just look at many of the rock stars who end up in rehab – Why would they do that when they have it all?

Just as you plan for your business; you set personal & business goals; you work to targets on budgets….  You need to plan for success and what you will do/not do when you reach what you perceive as success.

Do you have a plan for success?  What will your business and, more importantly, your life, look like?

If you would like to plan for your success and how to enjoy it, call me on 07766 080770 or email

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