VAK, what is your preferred learning style?

Do you know what your preferred learning style is?  Do you play to that strength?

The three main styles are Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic.  There is also Digital Auditory, which is less commonly used.

When you focus on your best learning style it is much easier to understand a topic and develop the skills to implement the learnings.  When we were at school, we followed the style the teacher favoured and could implement in such a large group.  Now you have the choice to make learning easier and more fun.

Learning can be boosted by combining the styles; for example, reading a business book and then listening to the audio version; preferably read by the author.  If you can add a kinaesthetic aspect to the mix, then it makes the learning even stronger.  Maybe compile some practical examples to lock in the learnings.

Another useful tool is colour (for visual) different coloured pens when taking notes.  Or post it notes – different colours, which can be the sticky paper type or on certain software applications.  Also, the advent of new technologies allows you to underline or highlight text so you can keep track of key learning points.

My suggestion is to find out what your main learning style is and focus on learning in that format.

When you know your own preference, you can start to see how others take on information and focus your communications more in their style.  This means the person you are communicating with should better understand the message.

To find out which you favour, call me on 07766 080770 or email

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  1. Johnf358 says:

    Im grateful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Cool.

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