Do you turn up late for that meeting?  Do you park in the big bad bosses spot? Do you look under dressed for the occasion?

..and you wonder why your business sucks!

What would it mean to your bottom line if you won more business? Sometimes it only takes some simple inexpensive steps to make your image and actions deliver top results from your interaction between you an your prospect.

  • What sort of impression do you give as you breeze in, late, without a care?
  • What do you think the boss is thinking when someone has parked in his space?
  • What do you think people notice about you when you walk in the room and you are scruffy or don’t fit what they expect?

All these responses will significantly reduce the chances that someone will bother to buy from you!

How could you make sure you will be on time?  How about checking with the office where the best place to park?  Do you agree, it’s better to look the part – a nice suit or at least business casual?

Taking calls in meetings is another area that will lose you the deal.  ‘How rwooode’ as Jar Jar binks (Star Wars) would say. 🙂

All these little things go a long way to show the person you meet with, what you think of them… And how important they are to you. Although, you will never find out how important they are to your bottom line as they won’t want to see you ever again and that’s another dent in your profits!

How much do good manners and a little respect cost?  Not a lot!

For a review of business etiquette call me on 07766 080770 or email

About Alex Petty

Blogger, runner, mentor
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