Are you making your Sales Process harder than it need be?

What are you selling? A service/product or a meeting for a coffee to find out what your prospect wants/needs that you may be able to help with.

It seems to me that many people, who are not experienced in sales, are making it harder than it needs to be.

I read recently that it takes 7 touches to get a prospect to buy.  I also read in an old book that it takes 20 times.  With all the social media and other marketing streams, it is probably nearer the 20 mark these days.  The touches are all quite small, yet add up to a brand/offering familiarity that makes the prospect confident to buy.

So, how come it’s so hard to get the sale?  Why do people make it so complicated?

My experience tells me that it’s because people are trying to be sales professionals without the training, and far more importantly, the aptitude/attitude for selling.

Like or loath sales people, the good ones know how to sell and just get on with it!  They also know the marketing that they need before any sales meeting.

So, how can we make it easier for you?  Sometimes the sale may seem too big.  Instead of trying to sell the end product or service, break it down into small manageable sales.

1. Contact a prospect and get them to ‘buy’ an email/letter from you containing more information about what your product or service.

2. Email or send a professional marketing piece about your business, yourself and what your business sells… Your shop window.  There are many tools these days that are in the reach of the small business.

3. Follow up the mailing with a call…. To book the sales meeting

4. Find out how your product or service can help the prospect… only when you have found out what your prospect needs.

5. Ask for the sale… Look to close the sale at the meeting.  If you have given sufficient information beforehand, identified the prospect’s need and found their reason to buy… The rest should be plain sailing.

You may need stage 6 if the offering is more complex.

6. (if needed) Arrange when you will submit the proposal and when you will give your prospect the follow up call.  Then, presuming you asked and answered all the right questions, complete the sales documentation.

By taking the sales process and breaking it down into small ‘selling’ chunks, the steps are small and manageable.

To find out more about developing your Sales Process call 07766 080770 or email 

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