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Or… How a simple chat app has helped team bonding.

As our team has grown I have found it increasingly more time consuming to relay messages to everyone regarding work matters.

So one night I thought ‘let’s create a WOW team group on What’s App and I can send out text alerts – time saving great!’.

What started as a convenient and quick method of communication has now grown into, over a space of a few weeks, a team bonding platform where they interact after working hours; chat on weekends, management thanking the team for their hard work and broadcasting weekly production figures, a bit of a laugh and a joke where everyone is involved, people sending photo’s of our products they’ve spotted in magazines and newspapers.

It’s great to see how such a simple thing can have such a big impact on staff moral and building relationships – and we all love an emoji!!

For information on how WOW Workroom can provide you with a top level bespoke sewing service, contact Rachel: rachel@wowworkroom.co.uk

Editor’s Note: What simple change could you make to your business this week that improves the team communication?

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