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Glue Metrics Measured Effectiveness !

Our aim is to provide your business with a focused video marketing tool that will communicate your brand and services as well as encourage and deliver a strong call to action.

Just because we can deliver you a effective video marketing tool, doesn’t mean our work is finished.

Our bolt-on Video Metrics Monitoring service offers a three month post-promotion delivery monitoring service, ensuring that your new video promotion is targeting and engaging your audience on the right places.

What is Video Metrics?

Simply put, we embed tracking data to your promotional video on your website, which sits with your enabled Google Analytics to help track, monitor and gather video usage data. So now your website analytics will incorporate your video material on your site. The retrieved data is then re-assessed over an initial three month period from the launch of the promotion. We gain valuable information on the effectiveness of your video promotion and a concise understanding of the performance of the work and how it is generating responses thru your website.

Glue Films Metric Monitoring will also include:

Monitoring set up
Initial recommendation on position of video within website
Monthly performance reporting including lead generation extracted from monitored data (for a 3 month period initially)
On going recommendations
On going reporting thereafter available.
And what about social media monitoring?

Online social networks bleed information. Every time someone posts something on Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, or Linked In, they create a digital footprint. Every time someone else reads it, or watches a corporate video, they add to that footprint.

Twitter Analytics allows you to monitor link clicks and engagement as well as profiling Interests, locations and gender.

You Tube Analytics allows you to monitor sources of interaction, minutes watched of videos, & again Locations and gender.

LinkedIn Analytics allows you to review shares, interactions, and engagements of videos.

Facebook Insights allows to review reach and engagement of pots including videos with Location and gender.

And so by amalgamating this data from all platforms and reviewing previous details we can understand the effectiveness of videos.

Designed data

The information that we look for will depend on your business goals. Most companies use social media to push people through their website, and then to the sales funnel to a conversion to an active client.

Precision lead generation.

The problem with marrying generic social media analytics with management information is that in many cases, these other data sources are held within different platforms, therefore we collate this information combining website data as well as social media and deliver a comprehensive lead generation report based on the effectiveness of your corporate video(s).

For more information about Glue Films Video Metric Monitoring and how you can enhance the marketing performance of your business video content or any of the Glue Films products, please contact

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