Ring Ring… It’s For You


Here are a 10 hints and tips to put in place for incoming calls from prospects/ customers/ suppliers…

1. Be aware that people do not always hear what you say… if possible record calls & listen back

2. Remember to use the callers name – Especially when asking permission to put on hold or saying goodbye.

3. Remember your manners, say Please & thank you to your customer/caller

4. Ask questions…   What’s it all about?  The hot button on how you can help them.

5. Agree with objections, it throws the caller (unintentionally!) & eliminates most of their objections, leaving them without a script.

6. Be patient.  Be in control – You are there to serve.

7. Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it!

8. Be aware of your rate of speaking – match the speaking speed of your caller.

9. Tone – laid back, friendly & warm.

10. Be aware of the value of the call.

Remember, you only have a split second to create a great impression of you and your business.

About alexpettybiz

We educate and inspire business owners to realise the potential in themselves and their business. The way we do it is to help make businesses easier to run, more profitable and more fun. We believe in coaching at every opportunity to help business owners succeed. What can we do for you?
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