Sit at the Front


A good friend and collegue coach sent me a congratulations card many years ago to celebrate a success I had achieved.

It said “If Life’s like a rollercoaster  …you might as well sit at the front.

Whilst re-dceorating my office, I found his card again and it got me thinking.

How many of us take the ooportunity in front of us and grab it with both hands?  What opportunity is standing in front of you today?  And will you take the chance?

When we’re caught up in the day to day, it is easy to think we’re either too busy to look at something else, or we think we have everything covered.

It is easy to get caught up n the Technician and Management roles in our business, and forget the Entreprenuer that started the business. Typically busness owners only spend up to 5% of their time looking at what is happening outside the business.

Set aside some planned thinking time in your diary to see what you could/should be doing to make your life better.

I build in a 4 hour planning session every week – in my default diary.  In sailing terms, we called it, keeping your head out of the boat; that way you are always checking the horizon to see what’s coming.

Build your ‘opportunity radar’ into your working week with a default diary.  Emai Alex to help you build one that suits you –


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