How much is your presentation worth?

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So, you’ve got the venue sorted, delegates are beginning to get seated… How ready are you for this presentation?  Have you done all you can to make it a good one?

Because I have recently seen and been told about quite a few that do not hit the mark!

The key factor is, how important is it to win over your audience?

If this is your opportunity to sell yourself and your product/service, how much is each person in the room likely to be worth when they sign up?  And what percentage of the room are you aiming at to buy from you?

If you are selling a stuffed bear that retails at £24.99, the ‘sell’ may seem easier than looking to sell a £35,000 service that the attendee didn’t know they needed until you educated them just now.

I have seen the difference between a well prepared and executed presentation against an awful one.  A media company successfully bid for £5million in funding with a very entertaining presentation with cast iron numbers backing up the opportunity.  This was followed by an excruciating presentation from a manufacturing company.  The product was fantastic, a real game changer to the automotive industry. The potential returns could be huge. But the presenter failed to engage the audience and couldn’t answer their questions with any sense of confidence. Hence, his bid for £5million was not successful.

The opportunities of both offerings were massive, yet, a poor presentation, badly prepared did not hit the target.

I spoke to the manufacturer afterwards and asked about his presentation. He stated that he had just thrown it together as the opportunity would speak for itself!  Hmm… I think the answer to that approach was not a surprise.

So think carefully when preparing your next presentation, whether it’s a 1 to 1 sales pitch or to a larger audience; are your audience worth the effort of a well prepared presentation?

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