3Objectives Photography’s first International Shoot

Day 1: Arrival
05:00. Nic, Paul and myself (Lee Murrells) leave De Stalis Hotel to meet with the Anatomic Crew – Anna Sara, Dan and model Dave – at Stansted Airport in time for the 07:20 flight to Malaga.

We arrive in Malaga at 11:30 local time. We hire two vehicles to take us to our villa at Lagar los Pilones. We pack our gear and travel to our destination via 1996 Alba Restaurant, where we enjoy a hearty lunch of local cuisine including swordfish and skewered meats. Delicioso!



Our first stop – Great staff and delicious food, be sure to pay a visit if you find yourself in Malaga sometime soon
After lunch we travel on towards our villa to prepare for the following day’s shoot. 3Objectives photographer Paul, Nic from Kube Design & MultiMedia, and myself assisting, sit together to plan the first day’s catalogue images.

Our villa at Lagar los Pilones is a beautiful 18th Century wine press building surrounded by a stunning landscape of mountainous terrain and farmland, overlooking the small town of Casabermeja. The villa itself is split into two houses rich with photogenic décor. Outside there is a BBQ garden, picnic area and a swimming pool – as incredible a summer home you could ever wish for. We plan to shoot our first day’s worth of images here.


Lagar los Pilones: Once an 18th Century wine press, this holiday villa is a great location for the Anatomic Shoes Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue
The day concludes with a light meal (we are still full from our visit to the Alba Restaurant!) and some music. Nic and I conclude that Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here would be our choice if we had to live on a deserted island and could only take one record with us.



The tools for the job: What we needed to unjam Paul’s suitcase lock (left), and Dan’s state-of-the-art computer (right)


Day 2: First Day of Shooting.
We awaken at 07:00 in time for breakfast and some pre-shoot preparation. We skip an opportunity for a dip in the pool and begin our shoot with the 08:30 sunrise.

Unfortunately the weather is against us. Famous for its warm weather, Spain is popular destination for a winter break, but up here in the mountains there is a chill in the air. Stubborn in defeat, we battle on against the biting mountain winds and shoot during the sunny intervals.



Paul and Nic survey the weather (left) and Anna Sara unpacks the product for the day’s shoot (right)


Dan and Anna Sara pick up stylist Jemima from the airport at 12:00, and on their return they bring us news that down in Malaga the weather is warm and sunny. Upon hearing this we revert to Plan B – load the cars and head straight down to Malaga city, where we are immediately greeted by blue skies and sunshine.

First stop, the Mariner Port! The photo opportunities here include marble walkways, parks and courtyards by the seaside, boats docked in the harbour, and a busy Spanish road aligned with restaurants and cafes.



Nic, Anna Sara and Dan discuss the location (left) and Paul sets up his camera (right)



We make full use of the available light until dusk, the final shot featuring Dave and Anna Sara by the docks under the warm glow of the setting sun. As we head back to the car, Paul can’t resist pulling the camera out again to capture the beautiful Malaga sunset.



Photographer Paul in action (left); Anna Sara, Nic and Paul discuss the shot (right)
After a challenging but fruitful day’s work, we return to the villa in time for a well deserved feast of pizzas and a deliciously dressed salad prepared by Paul and Nic.


The team at dinner: (left to right) Anna Sara, Paul, Jemima, Dan, Dave and Nic.


Day 3: Second Day of Shooting.
Our second and final day of shooting. This morning we agree to make a swift decision as to whether to shoot at the villa or to return to Malaga. After breakfast, we assess the weather decide to drive to the city.

First stop today is the old town of Malaga. We first undertake a recce of the area; exploring the town squares, tapas bars, castle walls and authentic Spanish architecture. The sun is shining, the blue sky clear and the town rich with photographic opportunity. We get to work…



Shooting in the old town: The team in action (left), Jemima styles Dave’s outfit (right)



After a successful morning’s shoot, we tear ourselves away from the old town and head to the seafront. We chase the sun across the summery landscape until we reach the harbour, during which we shoot the last but one of today’s images.

Racing against the clock, we head back to the villa for one final picture opportunity. Dave, Dan, Anna Sara, Jemima and even myself practice our freeze-frame skills and set up an evening garden scene. Paul’s exposures were up to seven seconds at f11 as the last rays of sunlight leaked onto the scene.


Hitting the beach: Nic, Dan and Paul on the lookout for the perfect shot


Shooting is complete – and we have achieved our goal. We celebrate with a cup of tea in the kitchen and some of us perform one or two victory dance routines. Then we head back down to where our Spanish odyssey began – at the 1996 Alba Restaurant


A victory cuppa: (left to right) Dave, Jemima, Dan, Nic, Paul and Anna Sara



And five minutes later…




Day 4: Homeward Bound.
Today we must leave sunny Malaga behind and return to our offices and studios in London, where we hear the weather has not been so pleasant! We are up at 06:30, and by 08:00 we are driving down from the mountains for the last time.

We arrive at Malaga Airport in time for one last breakfast together at the Mum’s Cafe, and some last minute duty-free shopping opportunities. At 15:00 we are back at Stansted Airport after a mercifully smooth flight. Here we part ways with the Anatomic crew – Anna Sara, Dan, model Dave and stylist Jemima. Paul, Nic and myself return to De Stalis Hotel once again to pick up our transport. And so we part ways in Tottenham, London. Here our journey ends, but what a journey it was! Look out for the results in the Anatomic Shoes Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue soon.

The Team:
Paul Downes – 3Objectives Photographer
Nic Burrill – Kube Designer/Videographer
Jemima Fleming – Stylist
Dave Best – Model
Anna Sara Riger – Anatomic Shoes
Dan Grey – Anatomic Shoes
Lee Murrells – Assistant Photographer & Blogger

Contact Rosie Meckiff or Paul Downes at 3Objectives to see what they can shoot for you.
Studio: 020 3176 2475

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  1. Bren says:

    Glad it went well.

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