Are you giving clear instructions?

Are you giving clear instructions with supporting context?  Are the instructions sufficient for the person(s) to get it right?

I have often seen people do the wrong thing (or more often, heard someone moaning about someone doing it wrong), when the real fault lies with the person issuing the instruction.

Here is an example set of instructions that, if followed correctly, will deliver the required image.

  1. Draw two parallel lines
  2. At one end of the parallel lines, draw a line at right angles to them.
  3. At the other end of the parallel lines, draw an inverted ‘V’.
  4. On one leg of the ‘V’, draw two parallel lines.
  5. At one end of the two parallel lines you just drew, draw a horizontal line at right angles to them.

What did you get?

I’d love to see the images people come up with.

See below for the image that was intended.





Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 08.05.10





How does it compare to what you created?

There are no wrong answers, just different interpretations of the instructions.

Whilst the instructions are totally correct, there is no context, hence the myriad of solutions.

If you would like to find out more about improving your communication skills; so that your instructions are correctly interpreted: email


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