A strong Set Of Values – Corporate Responsibility



If you don’t want your business to become like a VW or a FIFA, (now viewed as operating with poor values – that led to the massive car company cheating the emissions tests; and corruption in the world of football), then develop a strong ‘ethics’ culture to your company – it’s about corporate responsibility.

Think about Google, Disney, Lego, Innocent Drinks, Virgin…. There are many more too.

All these companies have a strong ethical belief coupled to a set of values shared by all the team members.

Everyone in the company should operate in the same way – aligned to the company’s values and culture. Companies with shared values are usually great places to work.

There are no hard and fast rules as to what goes into a company’s culture. For example, some will have values such as loyalty, trust and integrity as their core values. Where others may base their whole ethos on being adventurous, supportive, innovative, caring, sharing, competitive… the list goes on and on.

Whatever values you choose, the best way is to build them into the culture as a team exercise and write them down.

For anyone wanting to join your team, part of the interview process is to check that they share the values; and will happily operate within the culture of the company.

Depending on the business, you may wish to choose around 10 to 15 values that show ‘who we are’. We have 12 values we work to. Even if you only have 1, and stick to it, you will be more powerful than those who expect the team to ‘be of good character’ and hope things will be ok. VW was one of the most respected organisations in the world till this scandal – now we find that the cheating runs right through the company – not a good value to hold!

If you would like to lock in the great values you have across your business team, email alex@alexpetty.biz to arrange for coffee meeting.

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