Where’s the Spark in Your Business?


What makes you want to leap for joy, gives you bursts of energy, keeps you motivated to push on with growing and developing personally and professionally?

For me my spark is my clients, absolutely 100% love them!  More specifically those of a creative nature such as tech companies, branding, design, events, film and TV.  These guys are awesome at what they do and I have to confess to being a tad envious of their talents as I don’t have a creative bone in my body!

Typically they are very entrepreneurial and out there, on the edge. But hate doing the detail.

Whether it’s making sure their invoices are sent out on time, chasing up unpaid overdue invoices, providing them with regular reports on the numbers in their business that they actually understand and are able to use to see if perhaps they could take on that extra member of staff or invest in new software, or being on hand to answer questions regarding their financials as they arise, I love being able to support them like their very own virtual finance manager.

I recently asked one of my creative clients, ‘why it was that they loved working with me’, his answer was:

“Apart from the technical aspect of bookkeeping, the most important thing you offer is for the director of a small business to delegate cashflow control entirely.  This is a massive weight off the shoulders of anyone trying to run a business.  The key to it is, that you do it without being asked. Most of us don’t have someone working for us who can take that kind of initiative”

And there it is, why I love working with creative clients and how they put the spark into my business.  For the most part I’ve found that business owners do not enjoy the numbers which is a shame because they are first and foremost for you and the growth of your business, secondly to satisfy HMRC.

To get Tracy to help you find your spark: email – office@coffeenotinc.co.uk

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