Everyone has their own ‘I’m rich’ target


I was recently asked ‘are you rich?’  And it got me thinking.

To me, yes, I’d say I’ve been successful in my life so far. But what they meant was, are you loaded.

After a few questions from me, they shared that their view is that they will be rich when they have millions and millions in the bank.

Well, that’s one measure.  To some, being rich means being able to have a nice holiday, an up to date family car and a good house.  To others, their own island is their dream.

The key thing here is that it’s all about your goal, your dream, your big hairy audacious goal.

It is very easy to try pushing your aspirations onto someone else. For instance, with the recent A level results, how many parents are pushing their kids to go to the University they choose; or maybe they’re disappointed in the results their child achieved and therefore going to their second choice Uni – or not at all.

We are all responsible for our own results and hence, the choices we make for our future.  It’s the same in business.

Typically a business will represent the dreams and aims of the owner.  I have found that while many owners say they want a certain goal, they are the reason they are not achieving it.  It could be that they say they want a certain goal but don’t really want it, or that they don’t believe they are worthy.

The founders of McDonalds only saw a 1 premises business (they had failed when trying to open another restaurant). So, when Ray Kroc bought it, he made it into what it is today through his vision of the goal he had.

So, when all the talking is done, what is your real goal? …and are you ready to achieve and accept it?

Understand what ‘being rich, really means to you, and go for it.

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