What happens when your Zero really changes



I have this theory (thinking of Ann Elk from Monty Python; for those that know the dinosaur sketch) about how we can choose how well off we are.

I believe that everyone has their own Zero.  In financial terms, that’s, what we expect to be bringing into our home each month/year.  This is the amount you need to live at a level that you have accepted.

This may actually mean you don’t have enough to pay all the bills you deem important to survive.

I feel it’s connected to our expectations of our worth.

For example – If your monthly outgoings are £2000, that’s about what you will bring in.  People often seem to accept that minimum; to cover a level of wealth they feel they are worth/need.  I have often heard the phrases – scraping by, or head just above water.

For most of us, that’s just an excuse to not do anymore than we need to survive at our self-imposed Zero.

Having worked with a client for a while to help them raise their Zero to a new level, they have seen a threefold rise in income.

This is because they are no longer satisfied with the zero they originally chose.  The new zero includes ‘profit’.  Profit is money left over from the basics to have the life they dreamt of.

So, have a look at your zero, is it giving you the life you really want?

The human mind is amazing.  When we realise we can be, do and have more (whatever that means to you) we open up the opportunities to grow.  For some it may just mean doing more of the same, for others that may mean a change of direction.  One thing I’m very sure of – it needs activity (correctly focused hard work).

We often see in the news, that someone has risen from nothing to achieve great things.  It’s because they just did it – they believed they could and put a lot of hard work into their success.

When are you going to raise your Zero?  NOW might be a good time to start.

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