Does your technology pay for itself?

Those that know me, know that I love my tech. I like the way my Apple kit coordinates and syncs across all the linked phone, iMac, MacBook and iPad. Other platforms also work well.

Underlying all this tech is the need for it to make my business more efficient. I have this kit to make my company easier to run – and I would be the first to admit, I like how it looks. Yet; it has to work well or I’m not interested!

Make sure that the new tech you are buying for your business, actually pays for itself.

All too often a business will acquire new technology that makes working ‘better’.  Be careful that it doesn’t just make work prettier.

For example… many years ago, a company that I worked for, used a simple word processor system on green (or orange) screens.  We had to send reports on the weekly success of a project for the production meeting.  All the reports were around 80 to 100 words – succinct and to the point.

Then we got a wonderful new system that allowed the reports to be created in differing formats and layouts.  The reports looked great! Colourful, beautifully laid out and….. verbose! Some were 250 to 300 flowery words long.

The reports became weekly works of art; and the upshot was that the contents of the reports, what was actually required, became almost useless.

It was just an example of how our office became excited with the format, rather than keeping the content useful and to the point.  With all the new tech toys, it is so easy to get carried away and forget what the aim of the task is.

Be strict, and make sure the tech you buy for your business, deliveres productivity- whatever that means to your product or service.

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