Who’s stupid now?

With all the recent announcements from national retailers of their losses and upcoming closures, it made me think as to why they are in trouble.

There are lots of experts saying about changing markets and internet sales.

There was even an item about it on a well known news broadcasting channel. They identified an innovation that would make things better…

The ‘innovative’ solution was a ‘smart rack’ that will identify the clothing item and will tell you it’s price, size & other attributes.  It can even do a ‘compare’ on multiple items.  This is all very clever, but, and this is the big but….

Everyone seems to have forgotten that people buy from people….

Where is the real, face to face, professional, courteous, 1 2 1, sales assistant, professionally helping the customer to buy?

Have you noticed how many sales people have no knowledge about the stuff they are selling?  Or worse still, don’t care.

I came across this post on Facebook recently from a sales person…

“An angry customer said us salespeople were stupid.  What they don’t realise is that we talk about them behind their backs… and laugh about them… whose stupid now?”

And that my friends is why customers don’t go back!  They may as well just buy on the internet and not feel insulted.

Maybe, just maybe, the real reason for all the losses is that the big retailers have lost sight of why they are in business?  Maybe they have forgotten to educate their staff to understand that, as irritating as a customer may be, without them coming back and buying more, there is no business!

The small retailers who give proper customer service are getting it right. One of my clients is able to open another premises to cope with the expanding trade that is coming their way. At the core of what they do is ‘excellent customer service – as standard”.

Time to train your team to be professional and polite to YOUR customers, after all ‘all the money you will ever earn is currently in the hands of someone else.

Why not accelerate the learning process and work with me on an ‘engaging and serving the customer’ session.

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