How a smile and a cheery attitude gets you noticed

Having recently been on the receiving end of some very friendly and happy service, I can attest to how good it feels.

I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t respond well to genuine, happy people.

At our local supermarket (part of a major retailer) there are quite a few members of staff who we head for on the tills – even waiting longer in the queue to be served by them.  Their cheerful demeanour and a quick chat, whilst they scan the purchases through the till, makes the end part of the shopping a delight, lifts the spirits and everyone has a smile.  Even a massive retailer has room for great service.

So, why is it that there are businesses whose staff, when dealing with customers, choose to be grumpy, and often downright rude.  It never ceases to amaze me.  Why do people choose to be grumpy?

I believe that a lot of it is to do with the business owners/leadership team.  The attitude comes down the line from the top.

It may seem so obvious; you may even be thinking, well that’s no surprise….. but it does influence a team’s attitude.  It is something that is so easy to create, yet so many businesses do not work on building a happy team.  And people wonder why customers don’t come back!?!

There have been more than a few major businesses that have gone to the wall in the last few years. They would have done so much better if there had been more effort made to educate the whole team; that treating customers well and making them feel wanted would have kept the business afloat when times may be a bit tougher.  

Prospect/customer interactions need to be genuine; a contrived ‘good morning, can I help you’ feels worse than no welcome at all.

One client has introduced a visitor welcome on a screen by their front door.  This way, booked visitors know they’re in the right place, expected and welcome. As the visitor comes through the door, the first team member to see them will give them a warm welcome and make sure they get a great experience.  There is a very high percentage of visitors who go on to make the purchase.


What could you do to make your team happy and welcoming?  After all, the person coming though the door pays the business; and ultimately, everyones wages.

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