Social media is not necessarily the best place to vent your personal thoughts

It may seem obvious; so why do people still do it?

Social media is a great platform to share your thoughts on all sorts of topics.  We share everything from phots and videos of cuddly cats to strong political beliefs; and so much in between.

But, and this could be a big but… your business pages on social media are not always going to be the best place to share your thoughts on things that could turn your prospects and customers off.

There have been a number of times I’ve felt the need to unfriend/unfollow a connection due to their radical and/or unsuitable postings.

It’s good to have personal views, but sharing them can be the quickest way to alienate yourself from business opportunities.  After all, some topics have nothing to do with the business of doing business.  

There are some values and beliefs that you may hold sacred; and you may decide that these are non-negotiable.  As long as you’ve actively decided what your business stands for, and how that may impact on the customers you want to provide for, then that’s your choice.

We’ve all seen a number of instances where a company struggles with losing/getting customers when their ethics and values are at odds with their client base.  A poorly considered comment can bring down a business empire/brand that looked really strong up till that point. 

So before posting your personal rant, or making that ill judged comment during a ‘live’ social media broadcast, take a moment to think about the impact it may have on your business.

There are so many different types of platforms to make calamitous errors of judgement, but few are as immediate and irreversible as social media.

Remember, social media is a great tool for business – if it’s for business, keep it business!

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Blogger, runner, mentor
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