Anchors away – cut those chains!

Are you stuck on something in your life?  Is there some goal you’ve been trying to achieve for years and years?  Sometimes in life we have a specific thing we say we want to achieve.  But the truth is that we are not ready, or prepared, to do what is required to complete the task.

It might be, to learn how to play a musical instrument, to make that key sale, get our business in order. For me, a key life goal is to be the weight I was when I got married… over 30 years ago.

Over the years my weight has fluctuated to being close (ish), through to being way above a healthy weight.  The truth is that I have been at an unhealthy weight for around 25 years.  Well I don’t accept that anymore!  This time, unlike all the other times, I have found my reason to cut the anchor chains away. Last year I had a serious health problem.  To say it was a shock is more than an understatement.  Without being melodramatic, I nearly didn’t make it!

Now I have a real driver to be successful with getting fit and healthy again.  It was something I chose not to recognise before.

So, what is the thing holding you back?  Now be honest with yourself!  What are the anchors and chains that you have chosen to accept that are stopping you? I’ll restate that; you have chosen to accept the wearing of these chains on your shoulders.

Because, let me tell you from my own traumatic experience, all the reasons (excuses) I came up with are rubbish.  There are people I know who have achieved more than I; and they have a lot more to cope with than I do.

These are the true, day to day, heroes we usually never hear of….  The physically disabled guy who never gives up, works hard and has a life; the lady suffering daily with an incurable and debilitating disease, yet still has a positive outlook and is forever laughing; the physically and mentally scarred girl who has made a difference to the world.

So, given any honest practical restrictions on what you can actually achieve, what could you achieve if you got a ‘mental’ hacksaw, and cut your anchor chains?

I’m happy to talk with anyone who would like to explore how to move forward.  If I can help at least one person have a better and happier life, it will all be worthwhile.

By the way, as at the time of writing this article, I have reduced my weight by 15 Kilos since July 2018. It has required me to change my outlook on life, food and exercise.  And it needed a kick up the rump to get my attention!  I have another 15kilos to go to reach my target weight; half way there 😎

Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!  Make your life count for something.

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