Why, oh Why

I recently had a BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious).  The most important reason that I’ve recently achieved a key goal is that I’ve found my ‘WHY’.

For many years I’ve set goals and targets, achieved many of them, and missed many too.  I’ve come to realise that the reason I have success is when I understand the purpose behind my endeavours.

As Simon Sinek says in his book, ‘Start with Why’, begin with finding your ‘why’ and the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ will follow.

On the 14th January 2019, I was blue lighted to a local hospital with, what turned out to be, a Pulmonary Embolism (PE) in my lungs, Sepsis and a chest infection.  Apparently, Sepsis makes you not care what happens; I didn’t care if I died.

After the initial emergency treatments, I responded well and soon began to improve.

I was later transferred to the Respiratory Ward, where I continued my recovery.  It was while laying in my hospital bed, that I read that only 30% of people with a PE in the lungs recover.

As the days went by, I began to get better; and I made a pact with myself… when (not if) I got out of hospital, I was going to change. This time it was to be for real… no more excuses, no more lies, for true!

I chose to become fit and 14 stone! At that time I was 18 stone 9 lbs.  I had no real idea how; just that I would.

I also chose not to share my goal with many people until I had some real results.  I’ve found that, for me, not having the pressure of ‘what I will do’, works better.  I was doing this for me; this was my Why.

I came out of hospital on the 18th January and into the tender care of my long suffering, wonderful family and friends.  I think they were just glad to get me back.

After a few of weeks convalescing, I decided to start towards my goal.  My first walk was less that ½ mile; and it took about an hour.  That’s the problem when you have blood clots on your lungs, not a lot of air intake.

As each day went by, I managed a bit faster.  ‪On the 20th February, I began in earnest. 3.33 miles in 57 minutes.  I was very pleased with this.  Jump forward to 21st August 2019… I ran my first 10k (just over, in fact) in 1 hour, 2 minutes and 35 seconds.  As I write this post, I am 13 stone and 4 lbs, and my lungs are fine.

I’m not telling you this to impress you, after all, this is my why.  The reason I want you to know, is that I did it because I found MY WHY, not yours, mine… and I own it.

Part of my mission in business and life, is to help people find their ‘Why’.  Success is so much easier when you are driven by a clear ‘Why’. Your team will follow a clear and passionate ‘Why’.

Can I help you find your ‘Why’?



Christmas 2018


August 21st 2019

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