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We educate and inspire business owners to realise the potential in themselves and their business. The way we do it is to help make businesses easier to run, more profitable and more fun. We believe in coaching at every opportunity to help business owners succeed. What can we do for you?

‘How To’ Coaching series – Activity 1

Chapter 1 Destination – Choose your own way This article is part of the ‘How to’ coaching series.  An ongoing series of activities you can use to help make your business more successful.  Follow it step by step and see positive results as … Continue reading

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Growth or survival – your choice

Given a choice, what would you prefer?  To have a JOB (just over broke) or a business that really rewards your efforts? It may seem a bit of a dumb question – Surely you’d like a successful business that provides … Continue reading

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Who’s stupid now?

With all the recent announcements from national retailers of their losses and upcoming closures, it made me think as to why they are in trouble. There are lots of experts saying about changing markets and internet sales. There was even … Continue reading

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Are you being held accountable?

As part of my coaching and mentoring, I’m often required to hold my clients accountable for the tasks they have chosen to undertake.  It is easy to think of this role as just prodding someone.  But, and this is a … Continue reading

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Upgrade your presenting skills

Do you want to make your presentations more effective?  Do you want to convert more delegates to buy what you’re selling? Then it’s time to upgrade your skills… Take a look at this recent Case Study for the Managing Partner … Continue reading

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Interesting financial News from Dubai

    At the start of 2018, taxes will be formally introduced for the first time in Dubai. The implications are deeper than they may first appear. It’s not so much the actual tax itself, I understand that there will … Continue reading

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What sort of business model have you chosen?

There are many ways to build a business; I’m thinking in terms of long term or short term. Most of the companies I work with are what I’d call long term.  Businesses that develop from a small kernel of an … Continue reading

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