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Are You Planning Your Business?

    I’ve recently been working on business planning with a new client – a fair sized manufacturing business. The amount of detailed planning for manufacturing their products is impressive.  Even with my old auditors hat on, I couldn’t see … Continue reading

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Ditch the mood hoovers

We all know someone, maybe it’s you? who changes our mood. Some people raise us up; we are really pleased to see them, they brighten our day and put a spring in our step.  Conversely there are those that seem … Continue reading

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Learn to earn

What was the last business book you read? …and what did you do with what you learnt? Most days I listen to an audiobook and/or read a book about business skills and ideas.  I run a journal daily to capture … Continue reading

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Where are your headlights shining? Seeing your targets

Whether you drive a car, ride a pushbike or read a book under the covers in bed, you need a beam of light to see your way or read the words.  Imagine trying to read the signs lining your way … Continue reading

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