The Boardroom ‘Online’

Are you ready to learn business skills that will go towards building your business on a solid foundation? Do you find that you have things that you want to discuss about your business, but do not feel that it is appropriate to share with your team… or even that they may not fully appreciate how to input to a new idea?

Following on from the successes of the original, Berkshire based, ‘The Boardroom’, ‘The Boardroom Online’ is a club for business owners to meet ‘virtually’ once a month for an hour and a half, in a structured environment to learn and discuss new business tips, strategies and ideas with a professional International Business Performance Coach and like-minded business owners.

As well as the business education, there is the member’s board meeting (members spotlight). This is a safe environment where you can share any challenges, marketing ideas, present your product or service to like-minded business owners who act as your virtual board members.

Ready to book in?  Click Here

If you would like to find out more,  Contact Us

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