Social Interaction – Eyeball To Eyeball

Cat eyes   In our ever more cyber connected world, are we in danger of loosing the skills to interact at a personal level?

When we communicate electronically, we are missing out on around 85% of our communication tools.  55% of which is non-verbal.

We do have some social interaction tools at our disposal… For instance ’emoticons’.  We add a smily or sad face to our message and hope that will convey our sentiment to the recipient.  And if we think we may have sent a poorly received message, we always have the ‘lol’ to make it all right again!

How would it be if we actually took more time to meet people? This can also be done via a video link! Let’s make the time to focus on the person we’re conversing with; to see them; talk to them and actually hear them.

So, before you send your next electronic message, think – How will it be received and can I improve the response I get?

About Alex Petty

Blogger, runner, mentor
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