Work on your greatest asset – Your team (that includes you too)


What are you doing to educate and inspire your team?

I often hear small business owners say they haven’t got a big team or have no team at all.

I would counter these statements with, you have a bigger team than you realise.

Think of your virtual team.

These could be people who provide services for your business, suppliers and last but not least – The customer themselves.

We have moved into the connection age.  The tools are there – most of us have a smartphone these days.

What is your plan for connecting to everyone around you?  What strategy are you defining that will make your business the hub for communications?

A client is developing the strategies to build the concept of the Investors In People standard into their business.  We are working on implementing the 9 criteria across his business.  The idea is to create a team that focuses on delivering to the customer, who then pays the business, which then feeds the business owner, who in turn, looks after the team.

As with any business improvement idea, this needs to be driven from the top.  The team are working to make the improvements across all levels, so that it becomes ‘what we do’.

The 9 criteria come under 3 main headings: Leading, Supporting and Improving.

The standard is flexible enough to cover all participants in the business – including educating your customers; and making them feel they belong.

Do you think NOW is a good time to make the most of your team?

About alexpettybiz

We educate and inspire business owners to realise the potential in themselves and their business. The way we do it is to help make businesses easier to run, more profitable and more fun. We believe in coaching at every opportunity to help business owners succeed. What can we do for you?
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