Book A Flight In A Balloon – Don’t Let Your Dreams Float On By

Balloon flight

Working at my desk this morning on a new joint venture, I heard a strange roaring sound.  I looked out of the window and high in the sky was this balloon.

It gave me an idea…

A hot air balloon flight is a wonderful experience, drifting almost silently over our green and pleasant land.  You can see so much around you, so much opportunity – almost as if in a dream.

And that is where a lot of opportunities and ideas stay – as dreams!

It is a necessity to take time out of a busy schedule to develop ideas for your business, but only when that delivers the increase in profits and income for your efforts.

I hear about many excellent business ideas and dreams that people ‘will’ achieve, only a percentage of those become reality.   It’s even better to hear about the positive results.

There will always be a conversion rate between ideas and actual results. Not every idea will work out. What we need to be sure of, is that enough of those ideas become a successful reality. We need to make sure that the return on our investment is proportionate to the income it delivers.

One of the things we need to work on during our busy day, is to consistently look for new opportunities to promote and sell our products and/or services.

Do you have a growth plan for your business? What additional products or services can you deliver, or improve on, to make greater sales?

The balloon flying over gave me inspiration for this article, what inspiration will this article give you to dream up opportunities and turn them into revenue; or will you just dream about opportunities and watch them float on by?

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Blogger, runner, mentor
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